Next Level Protection for Your Blades

DSX (Dragon Skin Xtreme) is a rotor blade leading edge erosion/corrosion protective coating. For 10- years DSX underwent rigorous testing and development before obtaining FAA approval in 2012. Since then DSX has developed a proven record in the harsh environments encountered by agricultural, fire, humanitarian, medical, and military operations. DSX has established its durability by over 3000 plus operating hours on a variety of rotor blades with no appreciable issues.

Stop wasting time and money with other so-called erosion coatings. Apply DSX to your rotor blades, it is the proven solution for erosion protection. DSX protects blades operating in sand, rain, saltwater atmospheres, and hydrolysis environments.

DSX Leading Edge Coating
is FAA Approved

This patented, effective, high-quality coating can be used on, but not limited to, the following list of helicopter models:

    • Bell 47 (Series)
    • Bell 47 Wood Blade (Series)
    • Bell 206 A & B (Series)
    • Bell 206L (Series)
    • Bell 407 (Series)
    • Bell 412 (Series)
    • Bell 505 (Series)
    • Bell OH-58 (Series)
    • Bell UH-1H, UH-1F, UH-1P, TH-1F and SW205 (Series)
    • Airbus/Eurocopter BO 105 (Series)
    • Airbus/Eurocopter 350 & 355(Series)
    • Schweizer 269 (Series)
    • Hiller UH-12(Series)
    • MD Helicopter 369,500 (Series)
    • Military AH-1, AH-64, CH-47, UH-60, MH-6
    • Public Use Rotorcraft


Old Blade Without Coating

old blade without coating

Leading Edge of a Bell 206 B model main rotor blade that had been flown for 1000-hours in the agricultural industry. At this rate of erosion and corrosion this main rotor blade will NOT meet it’s life expectancy.

New Blade With Coating

New Blade with coating

Newly applied DSX leading edge coating to an OH-58 main rotor blade.

Old Blade With Coating

old blade with coating

DSX leading edge coating applied to an OH-58 main rotor blade that had flown for more than 3000-hours in the agricultural industry.