Rotorcraft History

Rotorcraft has more than 30 years’ experience in Rotorblade Repair & Manufacturing. Under new leadership, the company is headquartered in Pocahontas, AR, and is reaching new heights in the industry. 

Rotorcraft Repair & Manufacturing is currently among the national leaders in helicopter main and tail rotor blade repair and competes on an international level as well. The company has over 40,000 square feet of floor space, excluding administrative offices. The new capabilities ensure our non-destructive inspection and rotor blade services can be maintained to the highest standards. The Rotorcraft Repair & Manufacturing’s location will allow the addition of precision fabrication equipment and an enclosed autoclave


Our Core Value

We take pride in our work and innovative repairs. Our goal is to safely repair your rotor blades quickly and efficiently!

Our Competitive Advantages - The Best at What We Do

We are an industry leader in the rotor blade repair and innovative engineering industry. We serve customers throughout the world because our services are among the best and highest quality that you can find anywhere within this industry.


Rotor Blade Protection Coating

We can protect your rotor blades from erosion/corrosion better than any other.

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Rotor Blade Repair

We can repair nearly all damages that your rotor blades incur. If another blade shop turned you away, we can help!

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Non-Destructive Inspection

We offer a full range of inspections and blade testing services.

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