Highest Quality

With decades of experience, we guarantee to meet your needs at the highest quality standards.

Proven Capabilities

We are experienced in all kinds of makes and models and can complete nearly any service or repair as needed.

Servicing Worldwide

We have the ability to service clients internationally. No matter where you are, we can be your rotor blade resource.

We can cover
all of your rotor blade needs.

DSX Erosion/Corrosion Protection Coating

Protect the leading edge of your rotor blades with the best protective coating you can find!

Industry Leading Repairs

We pride ourselves on repairing your rotor blades in a safe, quick and efficient manner. We work closely with an FAA Designated Engineer Representative to repair every blade possible.

Non-Destructive Inspection

Our new, expanded facilities have also expanded our capabilities. Packaged with our decades of expertise, we can offer you an efficient full range of inspections and blade test services to deliver the high-quality product that you’re seeking.

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